Parts for late 60's Marshall 4x12

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Parts for late 60's Marshall 4x12

Postby Hyldmo on Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:15 pm

Hi everybody!

I am in the process of building two replicas of a late 60's Marshall 1960/1982 B straight 4x12. I found the drawings online some time ago, and I am fortunate enough to have a well equipped woodshop. So I thought Id might give it a try :)

My goal is to make this as close to the original as possible. The cosmetics also.

I am using 15 mm baltic birch plywood of course, plywood back panel, 2x4 pine soundpost, finger jointed corners, etc.

So far I have found sources for these parts:
-Metal handles
-Tolex and grill cloth
-Caster cups

I am not quite sure what piping to use, and I have not found any source for the original style metal caster sockets for attaching the casters to the bottom of the cab. I found replica casters, but not the sockets.

I would really apriciate advice from others on what types/size piping to use, and any tips for the caster sockets.
I do not have access to an original cabinet to compare piping.

This is only for my own amusement, Im not making cabinets to sell.

Speakers will be Scumback 55hz G12H 65 watt :)
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Re: Parts for late 60's Marshall 4x12

Postby BygoneTones on Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:47 am

Hyldmo wrote:Speakers will be Scumback 55hz G12H 65 watt :)

Why ruin it? Use genuine Celestions. :wink:

The gold piping available from retailers thesedays is not good. Stretchy plastic, ranging in matte colours from yellow (from tube town), mustard (from Marshall), dark brown - like coca cola (from TAD and Mojotone) or washed out green (solsound). Take your pick. The stuff that I bought direct from Marshall themselves was probably about the best. Whenever Im restoring a cab I try to find some vintage if possible, nothing else really comes close. Depends how accurate you want it to be:


For the castors I think most people are using the fender push-ins, which are apparently pretty close.
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