fs 50 watt jmp lead and bass head or trade for tokai lp

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fs 50 watt jmp lead and bass head or trade for tokai lp

Postby drucker56 on Fri Feb 03, 2006 11:40 am

i have a head for sale also a jcm 900 slant cab
im open to offers for both
i have gas for a tokai love rock
i will trade for a tokai
i have pictures of the head i can email but i dont know how to get them onto this forum
the head is from 1974 has all mustards intact
its got some slight damage to tolex underneath the amp but looks nice apart from that
the cab has tolex damage on the back but looks like new from the front
i never use the cab ever
the amp sounds very good but i have 3 others and gas for a tokai is killing me so its going
its very good sounding amp i might add
warm bluesy breakup when pushed with just a humbucker
glassy cleans almost like a bluesbreaker
push it with a pedal and its an animal. ps, im in the uk
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