Need to know the supply voltage, inputs, and yields here

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Need to know the supply voltage, inputs, and yields here

Postby Shmisting76 on Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:50 am

I'm exploring building a particular simple synthesizer and learning hardware en route.

I need to get a firm comprehension of the supply voltage, sources of info and yields detail that is, for the most part, embraced, between each of the modules.

For instance, I'm mindful a 15V power supply (a case from ICrfq: appears to be normal; and 1V/Octave for the VCO. Is this right? Is a +15v, - 15v supply utilized? Additionally, what is the yield spec for the sound VCO?

Might anyone be able to suggest additionally perusing for these general determinations and appraisals?

I'm new to this, and I'm beginning with investigating the key standards of a VCO, however, need to construct my trials because of the basic details - to drive to a valuable objective. I would prefer not to simply construct a venture that is out there, however, take in the standards, plan, and manufacture - I won't wind up with the most stable modules.

Probably pioneers, for example, Moog set introductory norms, however quick to realize what the standard electrical spec for simple synthesizers are, and how these extend out into the music studio.

Expectation somebody can help further.

Much appreciated ahead of time
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