FS: Biacrown DR504 and Hylight SE4123

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FS: Biacrown DR504 and Hylight SE4123

Postby Bigsbyman on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:40 pm

I just bought a Gibson J45, and have to sell something to pay for it. Since I'm unlikely to be a rock star any time soon, I chose my back-up Hiwatt half-stack. It's a Biacrown era DR504, two-input, no mods and not too much wear on the tolex. Sounds and works great, and I used it on the CD I released in 2010 (Boom). The amp is loaded with old-stock Mullard preamp tubes and output tubes, and I hope that appeals to someone. If not, I'll swap out those bad boys for other tubes and keep them for use in my other Hiwatt half stack. It comes with a Hylight era SE4123, loaded with original Celestion 65watt speakers in a closed back cabinet. Again, not too much wear on the tolex. Includes four heavy-duty casters. I love this rig, I think it's way more flexible than other Hiwatt rigs I've owned - in terms of volume and gain. You can dial in cleans and gainy tones at a wide range of volumes. It's a great rig with P90's, humbuckers, Filter 'trons, and single-coils. I'll put pix on Photobucket asap. Taking offers on it...and would prefer to sell it locally, but that's not a requirement.
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