1962 Blonde Twin

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Re: 1962 Blonde Twin

Postby lobos on Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:04 am

Thanks Dean Jr. & Old School Dave :cheers:
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Re: 1962 Blonde Twin

Postby keithb7 on Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:13 am

Thanks for sharing your blonde Twin from down under.
I suspect chassis numbers and date codes were a total screw up at Fender in 1962.

Mine is chassis A00480. Tube chart is LJ. I think. See pic below.
L = 1962
J = Oct


Yet someone post this earlier in this thread:

Twin 6G8, 6G8-A (blonde)
00001 to 00100 - 1960
00100 to 00225 - 1961
00225 to 00400 - 1962
00400 to 00525 - 1963

I would tend to think with my chassis being 480, is would have been in second half or so of 1963. Guessing someone got "Stamp Happy" in 1962 and punched out a whole whack of tube charts maybe? Enough for the next 100 or so built?

Someone asked above, out of my three Twins that I posted a pic of a few posts back. which one was the heaviest? I believe it is the 1973 Twin Reverb. With JBL K120s in it, it weighed in at 87 or so lbs.
The Tweed Twin is definitely the lightest.

Finally, here is my before and after pic. As I acquired it and how it sits today:

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