12dw7 and breakup

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12dw7 and breakup

Postby PA100 on Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:04 am

I read about the unbalanced 12dw7 tube being good for harp Bradshaw of the breakup / distortion characteristics. Then various reports noting that no difference was noted.I have tried it in a couple of amps myself and didn't think it was particularly better or no change at all. My current amp - a much modified Fender - has a blackfaced phase inverter section. i.e It is unbalanced. In this amp the unbalanced 12 dw7 tube makes a fairly decent difference. I think maybe it depends on which side of the PI section the imbalance is.....if imbalance is opposite each other then it cancels out but if the same it adds the unbalanced to an even more unbalanced output.... Probably would sound horrible for guitar but sounds good for the harp to my ear. Has any one else found similar results?
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