Planning to build my first amp

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Re: Planning to build my first amp

Postby paw on Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:59 am

Unit_1 wrote:I have an Avatar 4x12 cab with 2 Celestion G12M and 2 G12H that I use with mine. The sound is very nice and full - super sweet tones...

btw, if you want some really incredible caps for your build, I have some NOS Astron paper in oil caps that are the least noisy caps you can get. Normally I don't let any of these go, since they are really unobtainium

But I have hundreds of them and I'm just not building amps anymore like I used to, so I think I could spare some for one build. :mrgreen:

PM me if you're interested!

That amps looks clean! Very nice.

I was planning to get a cabinet with a G12H some time ago, but it never happened. Maybe I'll have to get one now :D

Can you PM what you'd like to get for these caps? I'll probably just stick with the kit but, maybe?
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