Fender Bassman 1965 with 2 x 12 Cab

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Fender Bassman 1965 with 2 x 12 Cab

Postby Herr Dalbergia on Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:08 am

Hello dear Vinatge Amp Forum,

my name is Alex, I am from Germany and I am a professional Luthier / Guitarmaker / Tonewood - Specialist. I am 38 years old, playing the guitar since 25 years. I am more a Gibson guy when it comes to guitars, with amps I am not so picky, as long as it is an tube amp. I am earning my living in the wood / guitar world, but of course I also like old amps....which are quite difficult to find and rare here overseas....

I should also note that I grew up with my father having his own company for any kind of electric work, so I know about Voltage, Ampere, and how fast this game can get dangerous. But thank you for any concerns....it is always good to be aware and to pay attention.

Sorry for my school-english, I hope I will improve my knowledge in english electronic-language here, too.

So, basically I need help....

I bought this Amp, played, but in quite good condition, considering its age. A Fender Bassman and the matching Tillt Back speaker cabinet. Of course I knew that it was not in proper working condition. This is also not my first "old" tube amp I have to work on, but since its overall shape and condition is so nice, I thought it might be a good idea to ask for some advice here, before I do something wrong or stupid.

The amp works, but sounds crappy and extremly lots of noise around...so I guess the first thing to do is to put some new capacitators and tubes in. But I am wondering a bit which caps to replace.

The two 70mf, the three 20mf, and the one 16mf installed in this box on the outside of the amp is clear, but also some in the amplifier itslef? I watched a youtube video, but they are also modding the amp, and I do not think I want it to be modded, or do I want this? do I need to change anything else?

The Tube chart says it is an AA Modell, but I will let you tell me what exactly I have.

I will post some pictures later the day, and perhaps somebody here is in the mood to join the thread and guide me a bit through this project?
I can help with any questions regarding...guitars.

Looking forward for being a new member here and getting this nice amplifier working again.

Cheers, Alex
Herr Dalbergia
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Re: Fender Bassman 1965 with 2 x 12 Cab

Postby boola on Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:58 am

90% of the time, noise comes from a bad tube. I would check into that before buying any capacitors.

I also have a '65 Bassman, great amps. Do not mod if the amp is all original inside. These amps deliver excellent 'blackface' clean tones and rock n' roll dirt. I find Bassman a bit harsh when dimed but they are great for pretty much everything else.
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Re: Fender Bassman 1965 with 2 x 12 Cab

Postby pdf64 on Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:36 pm

With newly acquired vintage electrical equipment, especially if it's not working properly, it would be very beneficial to have a competent technician undertake a checkover and service.
Yes it's fun to DIY but an inexperienced eye can easily fail to spot 'red flag' issues; the risks from fire / electrocution can be fatal.
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Re: Fender Bassman 1965 with 2 x 12 Cab

Postby stratele52 on Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:17 pm

boola wrote:90% of the time, noise comes from a bad tube. I would check into that before buying any capacitors.

I also have a '65 Bassman, great amps. Do not mod if the amp is all original inside. .


Test amp noise with no guitar plugged, no wire, nothing just the amp

Those caps you are talking about are filter caps (The two 70mf, the three 20mf ) .
When bad, these caps make some " Hummm" with volume a 0 or with some volume.
Or if you see some bubbles at there end.They might be good but a end of their life.
But good quality one ; F & T or Sprague caps.

You talk about noise, wich noise ? Hiss, Hummm , zzz ?
Input jacks may do some noise when their close contact to ground are dirty, they act like antenna. You can clean them or you may replace them.

Also tube's plates resistor may do some noise ( hiss ) when old. 12XX7 pins 1 and 6

A 2 prong power cord to wall outlet, those with no ground, may do some noise too. Put 3 prong cord.

Before working on a amp you should how work on a amp safely and know how to solder very well.

Any picture from inside the amp ?

Which one ? AA165, AA864,

Shematic and layout AA864
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