1960 Super Tremolo Issue

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1960 Super Tremolo Issue

Postby Bottleneck on Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:48 pm

I have a 1960 Brown Super 5G4. Towards the end of the night at the last couple of gigs the tremolo gets really weak and ceases to function. It starts out fine, but after 2.5-3 hours it begins cutting out.

I am thinking maybe I have the bias set too high. IIRC, I'm running about 33mA. Since this amps is bias vary trem, could this be the cause? I've tried a few different preamp tubes, but the problem persists. I am running the volume around 7, so the amp is putting out some heat.

After I let it cool down and retry the vibrato, it works. Is there something else it could be? A faulty cap in the trem circuit, maybe?

Thanks for the input!
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