Just Bought a Lot of Gear from Amp Repairman Estate...

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Just Bought a Lot of Gear from Amp Repairman Estate...

Postby treeofpain on Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:33 am

...and there's a part of me that's asking, "Why in the world did you do something like that?"

But seriously, it was a neat opportunity to get some guitars and amps, as well as a LOT of tubes, speakers, and test equipment.

More than that, it is a great way for me to expand my rudimentary skills in tube amp repair, which is a journey I am already enjoying.

My question for the gurus here: What test equipment should I keep? I want to do my own repairs, as well as repair and tune up amps that I decide to sell. (I do not want to repair amps for a living).

I know I am keeping a cool 1960 TV-7 D/U tube tester and Heathkit audio load box model ID-5252. I already had a Fluke handheld multimeter and a Staco 5 amp variac.

Here's the rest of the test gear. Obviously some duplicates here:

Triplett Model 60
B+K Model 162 FET Tester
Simpson 260 meter (2 of these)
Triplett 630 tester
B+K Model 1431
Simpson 160 meter
Commercial Trades Institute VT-20 voltmeter
RCA audio generator WA-44C
General Radio Oscillator Model 1310-A
HP 3310B function generator
HP 3400A RMS voltmeter
Eico Cap decade box Model 1180
Eico Resistance decade box Model 1171
USAF Resistance decade box - looks old!
Micronta Var DC power supply Model 22-126
Tektronix DM501 TM501 power module
Ronan X86 portable calibrator
Eico Model 232 peak to peak VTVM
Ballantine Lab 50423 marker type generator
Simpson Model 1702 multi-range DC milliameter tester
Sencore TF46 super cricket trans/fet tester
B+K Model 2050 rf signal generator
Heathkit IG-5218 sine/square audio generator
Heathkit Schlumberger SG18A audio generator
Commercial Trades Institute VT-20 meter
Micronata dc power supply Model 22-126
HP 428B clip on dc milliameter
Heathkit power supply Model PS-4
HP 350D attenuator set
HP 5315A universal counter
Tenma 72-6603 ac millivoltmeter (2 of these)
Tenma 72-960 LCR meter
Tenma 72-455A audio generator
Tenma 72-3060 scope
Tenma 72-720 scope

It seems that a lot of repair guys are pack rats when it comes to test gear. I'm not that guy. I just want to keep the equipment that I will likely use, but I don't know what I don't know. You guys who do a lot of tube amp repair, what would you keep? Thanks in advance for your insight.
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