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Postby eolon on Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:03 am


I am currently researching a 1965 Bandmaster for a customer. It was modified by John McIntyre in 1995 at his business in Calgary, Musitech.

The amp has the standard Bluesmaker modification, of Guitar Player, February 1993, but John also modified it by adding reverb, master volume, EL34 tubes with Pentode/Triode switch, and 2 channels of VLG (Very Low Gain). This last modification is interesting, because this was about the time that John McIntyre was developing his VLG stereo direct studio amp, which eventually became the Lexicon.

The first gain stage, V1, is John McIntyre’s signature parallel-triode arrangement, where each triode of V1 is voiced very differently and can be blended by the “Preamp Balance” pot. The tonal variation is dramatic: the first triode of V1 is very Fender-like – clean and bright, with lots of headroom. The second triode is high gain and reminiscent of the Marshall high-gain amp circuit – crunchy and thick, with pleasing full distortion. This is why the Bluesmaker is such a popular circuit - you get the age-old dream of a Fender and a Marshall in one amp. And it works really well.

McIntyre also designed the Musitech Mid Boost active on-board circuit for guitar. The "Smooth and Creamy" version of which is very highly regarded. They occasionally show up on eBay for $200 or thereabouts.

John McIntyre closed Musitech in the late 90s and left the business. I have no idea where he is now, or what he is doing, but I would like to find out.

I have reverse-engineered this particular Bluesmaker in order to draw a schematic and learn the amp's functions. If you would like to read about it, you can go to:

Just my opinion, of course, but I am impressed by this amp - I think it's pretty remarkable.

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