Fender Studio Bass

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Fender Studio Bass

Postby blindmouse on Mon Jan 07, 2002 7:07 pm

I don't think there are many bassplayers on this forum. But if there are any that play the all tube 200W Fender Studio Bass Combo I got some advice.<BR>After recapping, retubeing and biasing this monster I stil wasn't happy with the sound.<BR>So I had a closer look at the 15" Electro Voice speaker. Though it said Electro Voice it also said OEM. Just a speacial design for Fender made bij EV. But it didn't look like a real EV 15B.So I got a real one (used but mint!) and put it in. Turned the amp on. Woww!! Great sound! 200% better. So get that stock speaker out and replace it with a real EV 15B. Take care!! The combo breaks your back! Take care if you put the casters under this beast, it tends to fall forwards!!!<BR>I love tubes. I love this amp!! Love it's sound.<P>Blindmouse :)
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