Fender Bassman 50 Head advice

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Fender Bassman 50 Head advice

Postby ian850 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:32 am


I have just purchased what I believe to be a 1971 Fender Bassman Head.

I would like to ask the oirum some advice regarding some niggles that the amp has.

Firstly on the Bass channel, wheneverthe deep switch is puched UP a POP sound is made.

Secondly, again mainly on the BAss channel, but also slightly on the other, there seems to be a bit of background noise (it sounds like a swish/swirl noise not really a crackle)

and finally on the other channel, when the bright switch is in the UP position, and you touch the switch, a static noise can be heard through the cab.

So my question to you is what 'jobs' does the amp need doing? It has already been sugested that the Caps should be replaced (do people agree?)

Also before anyone asks (thank you for your consideration for my safety... I have friends who are able to work on amps in a competant and safe manner, so they will be assisting me in all work that needs to be carried out)

Some pics-
(Valve was removed to ease taking amp out of head box)

Thanks for reading, Ian.
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Re: Fender Bassman 50 Head advice

Postby blackba on Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:53 pm

I have never seen a lot of those caps. For the film cabs, that are usually blue modeled caps in BF amps, these get pretty good reviews. http://www.sozoamplification.com/purchaseBM.html

For the Electrolytics, I would stick with Sprague or F&T. You probably don't 'need' to replace the caps, but I would assuming you are willing to put some money into the Bassman. SF Bassmans are pretty cheap, so it may not be worth it to replace any of the caps I listed above.

As for the noises with the deep and bright switches, it sounds like you just have dirty contacts on those switches. A little contact cleaner will do the trick.
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